The Next Gen AI Platform for growing ecommerce businesses.

Cloud.IQ’s AI gives every marketer advanced ecom capabilities, so they can unlock revenue growth with the team they’ve got now.

Conversion Optimization

AI turns customer insight to in-the-moment campaign action, so optimizations happen right away - when they are most relevant.

Email & On-site Campaigns

Build core campaigns, set targets and parameters. Then let AI do its work, running individual campaigns for many customers.

Unique Customer Profiles

Manage individual profiles for each customer across unlimited data sources.

1-1 Personalization

Impossible without AI, effortless with it. Reach every customer with the right message at the right time for them.


Blend product and customer data to serve recommendations that prioritize margin. Done-for-you optimizations boost their performance.

Demand Forecasting

Reduce waste by predicting demand. Connect your marketing, logistics, and product catalogue to get recommendations.

Easy to set up

Drop a tag and you're done

There’s no integration or team of consultants to manage. Cloud.IQ works with every tech stack from day one.


Know every customer

Reach every customer with a message that lands. Build 1-1 relationships, not dodgy 3rd-party lists.


Full-context campaign intelligence

Use data points like stock levels and margin to allow AI to spend every dollar effectively

Do more with less, with AI

Our AI optimizes campaigns in response to individual customer behaviour. That gives you the efficiency boost you need to grow profitability and cut down on wasted time, budget, and stock.

Focus on what matters

Set a target: margin, revenue or cost. AI will optimize in that direction, so you can stay focused on your business’ priorities

Learns on the job

AI draws on first-party data to build context around what the next best campaign action is.

Infinitely scalable

You’ll never grow out of the technology that’s always a step ahead at predicting audience behaviour

Dynamic discounting

Right discount, right time

Offer discounts that make sense as part of your customer’s overall journey.

Connect supply + demand

No more wasted stock

Only market products that are in stock, only order stock for products that are in demand. Our AI connects the dots.

Campaign agility

Always adapting

Ecommerce changes all the time. So should your campaigns. Our AI means your marketing will never fall behind.

We've been using Cloud.IQ for a few months and have seen a good uplift in sales. Their client dashboard is easy-to-understand and makes it simple to set up campaigns

Ecommerce Manager, The Golf Shop Online

The software is very effective at converting sales that would have not converted otherwise. And hold-out tests have proven increases to AOV and revenue.

Marketing Manager, Artificial Grass Direct

The campaigns run so well we only login to pull our monthly reports. As a quick setup as easy management solution, I highly recommend Cloud.IQ.

Head of Business Development, Macfinder

Not just another marketing automation platform