The Cloud.IQ Platform.

Digital transformation may no longer be an option, but a great platform is. Cloud.IQ offers the only solution that can fully optimize your marketing and ecommerce.

Preview of Cloud.IQ v3 platform


22+ AI Models

11bn Data Points

£Xm+ Revenue

How it works

How it works




  • Identity learning AI model
  • A single customer view
  • Harness first party data from any source


  • Personalized to individual’s “identity match”
  • No product or stock feed required
  • Learns best recommendation combination by page


    Marketing Automation

    • AI as a service: You build, it optimizes
    • Drag-and-drop campaign builder
    • Send-time optimization
    • Replenishment
    • Recommendations
    • Dynamic discounts

    Conversion Optimization

    • Propensity AI model
    • Overlays + web slots
    • Any combination of events, triggers or targeting
    • Social Proof


      Demand Forecasting

      • Shorten your cash/stock cycle
      • Forecast future demand and increase sell-through rates

      Why choose us?

      Why choose us?

      The bots are coming...

      The ‘Marketing Singularity’ is unavoidable. Digital transformation is no longer a choice. But how do you ensure you can go above and beyond with every click, every time? AI as a service. Our platform is built with this future in mind, so you won’t have to anticipate what’s coming, you’ll already be a part of it.

      True, not just personalized

      50% of your budget is disappearing because no group can ever cater to the individual. The current solutions? Even more segments. Our platform’s inbuilt AI operates with the value of a ‘Segment of 1’ using billions of data points as a means to continually self-optimize. So you’re not just personalized, you’re truly personalized.

      A focus on sustainable growth

      A good sell-through rate is 80% but if 20-30% of those items are unwanted, how effective is the current way we’re marketing? We focus on sustainable marketing growth, from demand forecasting all the way to sending less messages that are more relevant. This is great for your bottom line and even better for the planet. Sustainability two-fold.