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A golden tenet of sales is having ‘the right’ to initiate a conversation. There needs to be a reason, a need or an explicit request for you to contact someone.

Without sensing how to meet the needs of the person on the phone, you’re fishing without much bait and a tug on the line is unlikely. In short, relevance is key. Knowing who you’re speaking to and why.

This is the power of a CDP. And this is the foundation of our platform. With Cloud.IQ, there is always a relevant reason for messaging your customers. In fact, we help you create those reasons; meaning customers get relevance and you get continued CLV growth. 

No one sales cycle is the same and online experiences need to match customer expectations on when they’ll next need your product. Whether selling long-wear sofas or a replenishable face cream, with Cloud.IQ you can create campaigns that work. And often, less is more. Less generalized, more concise and targeted. The end result? Higher engagement. 

So, how does this all work? We help you to identify your customers and understand their lifestyle stage. We take an unknown browser to an identified first-time buyer and then a loyal returning customer. 

The more you use the platform, the better it can help you to identify audiences, segment precisely and effectively –– and never stops. It continually optimizes to keep creating ‘the right’ for you to speak to shoppers. 

But we want to take the efficiency of ecommerce and its marketing beyond the current linear approach of engage > sell > re-engage. We believe in creating an efficient loop. From forecasting the stock demand to encouraging a repeat purchase, ecommerce marketing can be sustainable in its growth and broader outlook.

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