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Cloud.IQ’s unique platform drives more traffic to your website and converts more visitors into loyal customers. Powered by artificial intelligence, you’ll tailor your visitor’s journey to match their preferences and behaviour. Sign up today and watch your business fly.

How does Cloud.IQ work?

Cloud.IQ uses powerful artificial intelligence to drive people to your website and then deliver a personalised buyer journey to ensure they buy. Just start your trial and we'll take care of the rest.

Shopper browses your website and has a look around
Cloud.IQ uses intelligent marketing to encourage shopper to take action
Marketing continues on and off your website until they check out
Automatically keep in touch with your new customer to ensure they buy again, and again

We have just finished our trial with Cloud.IQ's Cart Abandonment program and I have been highly impressed with the results achieved so far...

along with the service and support I have received from the Cloud.IQ team. Having worked with transactional and marketing emails for over a decade, I think the fact that emails are branded with PayPal's logo vastly improves their performance due to the trust customers have in the PayPal name. We can also be confident that everything is in line with GDPR regulations. Very pleased to have signed up for a 12 month contract. Thank you Cloud.IQ and PayPal!

- Lucy Rayner, Marketing Executive


We are excited and thrilled to be using the Cloud.IQ & PayPal cart reminders.

So far we are showing an uplift of nearly 9% and a recovered revenue of over £5,000 in less than 10 days of using the platform. We are amazed by the results and look forward to seeing the numbers as the trial continues.”

- James Hall, Owner


We’ve successfully trialled Cloud.IQ for a short while now and we’ve seen a good return on our investment,

with close to 10% uplift in revenue and conversion rates close to 20%. We hope we can improve these numbers even further with the new features. We never had any abandoned browser/cart solutions as a lot of them become overpriced and unmanageable because of the various restrictions and complicated integrations – not with Cloud.IQ. It’s very easy to integrate and manage.”

- Nick Marshall, eCommerce Manager

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