In the changing, shifting landscape of eCommerce, nothing ever remains the same for too long. Consumer expectations are elevated by increasing competition, supply chains are disrupted by unforeseen events, ways of optimising websites alter, but ultimately the goal remains the same. Sell online and get your business to soar.
Our eCommerce experts have seen and solved almost every issue that has plagued the world of online, but what do they deem to be the major challenges facing eCommerce today?

Grant Driver - Account Manager at Cloud.IQ - 

“2 years ago, we saw the introduction of GDPR which affected all merchants in the way that they were able to capture and use customer data. One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is replenishing their marketing databases as a result of this legislation where users were required to re-opt in to confirm they were still happy to receive marketing emails. 

In addition, online visitors are increasingly aware of the wealth of choice that they have available to them and as a result, it can be difficult to maintain a competitive edge against larger retailers. Digital payment methods, mobile UX and trust badges all play a key part in converting visitors and nurturing them to become loyal customers.”

How can these challenges be addressed?

There are a wealth of segmentation rules that are available with the Cloud.IQ platform which enable a merchant to create a browse abandonment campaign to specifically target visitors based on their unique journey, how many times they have been on the site, whether they have reached a product page or not. In this way, the merchant can extend their influence to make an impact and grow their marketing database by presenting the right message in a non-intrusive way. This results in significantly greater opt-in’s when compared to organic newsletter sign-ups (typically these often feature below the fold of the page). 

With so much competition in an overcrowded marketplace, dominated by huge retailers, it is critical that visitors who progress to checkout feel confident about populating their details and that the payment flow is seamless. Our partnership with PayPal reinforces this trust with any user that may be looking to abandon their basket. Being the exclusive CRO partner of PayPal is so meaningful and we see the value of this in the increased engagement and conversion rates that our platform delivers. In a time when data protection and online security are hot topics and under increasing scrutiny, ensuring that you are engaging with your customers in the right way and with a best practice approach is essential.

Vadim Lubickis - Account Manager at Cloud.IQ - 

“One of the most common problems eCommerce businesses face is offering the correct discount to the right people at the right time. There are always groups of customers who have a high intention to buy but do not necessarily require extra incentive to complete the purchase. Some businesses do not have the capabilities to tailor the discount code exposure to only certain pools of people and therefore display the incentive on the website offering it to everyone. This has a direct impact on the profitability of the businesses.

Furthermore, whilst businesses do understand the necessity to display the incentive only to the correct customer base, it is a challenge to identify those key segments where the incentive has to be presented.”

How can these challenges be addressed? 

Predicting the point of highest interest, Cloud.IQ campaigns can be triggered with profile-relevant content to ensure the incentive is presented only to the required segment of the audience. Cloud.IQ offers a wide range of triggering rules and tracks visitors site activity, preferences and behaviours down to every single cursor movement to anticipate when they are about to leave.

In addition, Cloud.IQ helps businesses to understand the required segments by gathering the website’s data and populating the dashboard with the actionable insights. One of those is the purchase funnel which allows merchants to identify where the key drop-offs are in the user journey and provides a great opportunity to segment the audience and target abandoning browsers with the right message at the right time. 

Vitalij Jeriomicev - Account Manager at Cloud.IQ - 

“One of the more common challenges our merchants are facing is finding the right way to keep users on their website and get them to start their carts. On average, over 85% of users would leak from the website never having started their carts. Such a massive browsing abandonment rate is a huge challenge but at the same time it presents a fantastic opportunity for the right type of marketing campaign to be leveraged in order to incentivise users at the point they are looking to leave and make them stay on go ahead with a purchase.” 

How can these challenges be addressed? 

Browse abandonment presents a challenge as it prevents eCommerce websites from seeing a higher potential number of consumers reaching the final touch point. Cloud.IQ’s Exit Capture campaigns can help plug this prevalent issue by nurturing customer relations using incentivising messaging. 

Customers are also savvy. Far more are likely to continue on through the sales funnel when presented with an overlay offering a discount in exchange for an email address as shown by BigCommerce’s report on the use of promotional marketing. Ultimately, this leads to more conversions. 

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