“Hey Siri, how will AI change the customer experience?” you ask your iPhone which is an oracle of knowledge. Siri will presumably answer something along the lines of “AI will bring about mass changes to the customer experience. It will change how businesses operate dramatically. From data collection and processing in the marketing department to on-boarding in the HR department, AI holds tremendous value in terms of time and cost saving. Do you want me to explain some of the benefits?”

You respond saying you want more information. She explains that AI will change the eCommerce experience by introducing:

Next-Level Personalisation

You leave your Netflix binge session after being suggested endless programmes that are exactly what you love to watch to chill out on your phone for a time out. As you scroll down your Instagram feed liking the odd photo and procrastinating your life away you’ll weave between ads that are nailed on to your interests and likes. Like a few photos of Bali beaches and you’ll be offered flights to your dream destination.

AI’s personalisation capabilities mean we will rarely have to search for the products they want as they are brought to the customer instead. Recommendations will be based on past history. For those at the bottom of the eCommerce funnel, AI can help guide customers back to products they like or have already placed in the cart. This final touch point is often an area where eCommerce businesses will lose a huge amount of potential revenue with 79.17% of customers abandoning a cart. 

Chatbots at the Ready

The now seemingly familiar little help box that pops up on the website landing page is something we perhaps take for granted. This easy access to customer service is a surefire way to get questions answered easily. “Do you offer free delivery?” Yes, it answers. “Can I use my student discount?” Yes, it answers. “Will this shirt look good on me?” Radio silence...AI is amazing for acting as a quickfire chatbot, but it isn’t a miracle worker. You can’t pull off stripes.

These wonderful services can help at all customer touch points and push the customer down the eCommerce sales funnel. If they want to know about product details then they can help move the customer past that first browsing stage, and if they want to know about delivery then they can help nurture a customer towards the cart stage. The chatbots are there to help across the board at a number of touch points.

Streamlining Services

The beauty of AI is also its time-saving capabilities. By being able to deploy chatbots and virtual assistants customers no longer have to sit on the phone listening to horrendous 90’s chart hits from unknown music artists. That in itself should be enough to convince anyone of the benefits of AI.

This can improve the overall UX of your site and optimise touch points throughout the whole customer journey. Similar to the chatbot’s ability to actively help throughout, an AI-driven streamlining is only going to help your conversion charge.

AI Enabled Analytics Enhancing Customer Journeys

Think of all the data your digital footprint leaves behind as you complete your customer journey. Each of these steps offers a unique insight through which AI-enabled customer journey analytics can sift through to uncover many more business opportunities - even opportunities you didn’t realise you should look for. 

This will dramatically help improve some of the first touch points during the customer journey where you are attempting to move them from traffic to actively engaged browsing customers. Show them what they want and they will stay for longer. 

Optimised Overlays

AI-driven overlays can help optimise your conversion rate efforts throughout 3 key touch points during the customer journey. Just as with Cloud.IQ’s Visit Capture, Exit Capture and Cart Reminder functionalities, AI powered overlays can display the perfect remarketing message at the best possible time to help drive customers down the eCommerce sales funnel. They use AI technology to understand the customer’s decision and present them with the appropriate messaging capable of increasing your conversion rate. To make best use of these functionalities, use Cloud.IQ’s dashboard and customise your messaging so it is suited to your audience and their needs.

Identifying Marketing Channels and Segmenting Customers

AI is now helping eCommerce businesses choose the right marketing channels to engage more actively with customers. It keeps track of past performances, the data associated with them, and which channels can best reach out to different customers.

This is important because AI can also help segment your customers into smaller niches - each with their own behaviours and interests. Not every customer will respond to a marketing email with the subject line “Our new clothing line is da bomb!” and not every customer will navigate a customer journey the same way. The beauty of this AI capability is it helps the eCommerce business to help the customer.

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