Cloud.IQ completed the Best Companies survey to see how we measured up against other similar companies in the UK. We were delighted to receive the ‘One to Watch’ accreditation.

It's well known that companies with a highly engaged workforce outperform other companies, but more than that we want our employees’ experience at Cloud.IQ to be a positive one, whether they’re here for 1 year or 10 years. Every workplace experience has an important impact on us, whether professionally, socially, educationally or emotionally. We all bring what we have learned into our future lives and careers. Therefore at Cloud.IQ we believe we have responsibility for ensuring our part in an employee’s journey is enriching. And our placement in the One to Watch category shows we’re on the right path.

We celebrated the achievement in our offices with prosecco and cake as a thank you to the whole team for their ongoing hard work and contribution to our vision. So what makes us One to Watch?


So what makes us One to Watch?

Who better to answer that than our employees? We recently held workshops with our teams to redefine our company values, and we learned a lot about what employees are proud of here. Here are some of the key things they told us they value about Cloud.IQ:

Inclusivity and Diversity

We have a very diverse team and we love the variety and creativity that brings us. To give you an idea of that, we have had employees from France, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, USA, Jamaica, Kenya, Republic of Korea, China, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Lebanon, Estonia, Lithuania, Australia and, of course, the UK. On top of this, 25% of our staff are women which is pretty high for a tech company. We also have a wide range of ages and races across the company.

Working Together

Our team describes Cloud.IQ as a family. There are a lot of real friends here. They care about each other and spend time together both inside and outside work. To give a few examples - Cardavan has held lunchtime fitness workouts, James often brings in healthy lunches for other members of his team, and Roxi organises after work quizzes and game nights. Our team gets a kick out of pulling together, whether that’s to hit sales targets, deliver our products, support our customers - or literally pulling each other over a muddy obstacle in Tough Mudder. Everyone is friendly and approachable. We don’t do egos here.

Fostering Innovation

Cloud.IQ people are always trying to improve things - whether that’s creating a more effective product so our clients see more value, using new technology and working practices, or learning new skills on the job. What’s great is that anybody can suggest a new idea or improvement and it will always get considered. We are quick to celebrate it when people fix a problem or find an improvement. We give people the space and autonomy to work out how best to deliver and we actively encourage them to find solutions collaboratively as a team.
It's An Exciting Place to Be
The last year has been enormously important for Cloud.IQ. We have built a new platform to integrate with our partner, PayPal, and have already demonstrated the potential of this integration by more than doubling our customer base while continuing to support our very valuable existing customers. In 2019, we get to roll out our service to thousands more customers and really test our mettle as a SaaS provider. There’s a buzz in the air.

What's Next?

We know that Employee Engagement isn’t all about prosecco and cake. Having engaged employees is a priority for any successful business, and as we scale we need to hold on to what made us special as a small company. Over the last few months we’ve been working on aligning our vision, values and goals, to make sure we’re all working together on the right things, and that everyone knows how they fit in. We will also be doing more to listen to our team, encourage open and honest feedback, and take action to ensure we constantly improve and continue to be a great place to work.

Want to find out more about what it's like to work here? Visit our careers page where you'll also be able to see all our current vacancies.