Cassie reminisces on earlier days at Cloud IQ as well as her own personal growth. From moving to London to acquire international experience and being one of the first females at Cloud IQ, to being promoted over the years and progressively taking on greater responsibilities and challenges as Head of Support. She explains her excitement at seeing Cloud IQ’s vision come to life and her own goals fulfilled with becoming Product Owner.

What did you do before Cloud IQ?

I grew up in sunny Australia and completed a Bachelor of Business. After graduating, I worked for a phone analytics company in Sydney as a Client Account Specialist which provided an important stepping stone into the world of tech. After about a year and a half, I jetted off to the UK to gain international experience.

What made you choose Cloud IQ?

Cloud IQ were a startup at the time and I was keen to find out what they were all about and the plans for the company. Their vision for growth inspired me and I saw a lot potential in the product. Everyone was so passionate. I’ve always been a strong advocate of believing in your product and value proposition, and after hearing Cloud IQ were trusted by brands like Boots, Wowcher, and TUI despite being just a team of 25, I was sold!

The friendly, relaxed culture also shone through for me. I was interviewed at a ping pong table, which was certainly surprising but also invitingly casual, it gave me a good feeling about working here. I was the second female hired back in 2015, which amazes me when I think about how far we’ve come. At the time, this gave me even more motivation to make a significant difference, and today we’ve grown to having 32 women working here and I’ve hired 9 of them!

Tell us about your Cloud IQ journey

It was all hands on deck when I joined. I began as a Digital Project Manager, which involved onboarding and managing client projects as well as increasing the value of their campaign(s) post launch.

I was promoted to Support Team Lead after a year and a half, which at the time was a big step up and quite challenging as I was not only responsible for the delivery and quality of client campaigns, but also in charge of the people who made up the cross-functional Support team (development, QA, design, project management and data) as well as training and hiring.

Nine months later, I was promoted to Head of Support where I was tasked with the responsibility of further growing the team, refining processes, improving efficiency, building out our Cardiff office and restructuring the team. Now I’m transitioning into my new role as a Product Owner which I’m extremely excited about - what a journey!

What are the best things about working here?

I love being a part of all the change, learning about the tech sector, seeing new faces and feeling the buzz of a rapidly growing company - some people are scared of change but I thrive off it. If you think that just two years ago we set up in small humble offices, and now we’re in a flashy tech accelerator with over 100 employees. I’m shocked at how time’s flown by!

Being able to spend my time around talented people from all around the world with impressive backgrounds is what I enjoy most as I’m constantly learning new things from them. With our relaxed culture and flat structure, I always feel like my voice is heard and that my opinion is appreciated.

Also, being able to say that a Fortune500 company, Paypal, invested in us is pretty cool!

How does the future look?

With my move to product ownership, I’m looking forward to having a concept and being responsible for bringing it to life. I’m also excited to meet new people and see our international offices grow (hopefully I get a chance to go to our office in the US soon). I’ve already met the team in our Sydney and Wales offices. Safe to say, the future looks promising!  

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work here?

Understand what Cloud IQ is all about and our company’s vision. Be passionate, self motivated, adaptable to change and get ready for a challenge.

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