This year's Holiday Season will be like no other for eCommerce. Rocked by the impact of COVID-19 and now primarily told to stay at home, consumers' reliance on online purchases is expected to reach new levels with industry experts outlining their belief that sales will go ballistic. 

This is reiterated by the fact that an overwhelming 93% of shoppers stated their intention to buy items online at some point throughout the Holiday Season. This has likely been reinforced with the introduction of lockdown 2.0 and the fact shoppers won’t be able to buy from non-essential shops until 2 December at the earliest. The other resulting impact of lockdown 2.0 is the anticipated scramble from retailers to shift their efforts online, further driving a competitive online landscape. 

So how can you adapt and prepare your campaigns for this new online environment where consumer demands have significantly changed compared to 2019? Cloud.IQ helps steer you in the right direction with its best practice tips:

Leverage Social Proofing

In a year when shoppers are increasingly looking to online shopping, the influx of website traffic should actually be used to your advantage to help you sell. Leveraging Social Proofing allows you to showcase the popularity of your items, drive a sense of urgency and reassure the customer that they are worthy of purchasing. 

For example, a customer's deliberation over purchasing clothing for Christmas may be swayed by the fact that the items they have viewed during the browsing stage of the customer journey have also been viewed 57 times in the last hour by other online shoppers. The subsequent reaction to seeing these numbers will be an innate fear of missing out and an increased urgency to buy in case the increased number of shoppers robs you of the opportunity. 

Insert urgency into content 

You can also double down driving customer urgency by coupling the use of Social Proofing with cleverly constructed content and messaging around shortages, time sensitive discounts, and the need to purchase before missing out.   

Campaigns that utilise this strategy, whether it be on social media or on overlays you intend to use to remarket to customers, drive a fear of missing out at a time when sales typically last for a limited time and holiday deadlines such as Christmas dictate that items must be bought. For example, “Sign up for a 5% discount code available for just 24 hours,” will likely have customers doing exactly that. 

Create a personalised journey 

Today's customers expect a personalised experience when they are shopping with recent data from Cloud.IQ showing that 57% of shoppers will either definitely or very likely purchase from a retailer that utilises personalised content. The benefit is only too clear too with data from Mckinsey indicating that it can drive a 10 to 15 percent boost in sales-conversion rates

Personalisation that nurtures the shopper begins by utilising an overlay solution at the key initial touchpoints to capture consumer information in exchange for incentivising content or offers. By using brand-led campaigns, businesses are able to develop more compelling offers that add value to their customers and ultimately in the long-term create a more personalised customer journey down the line. 

This is due to the fact that with websites getting more traffic than ever before, retailers have an opportunity now to grow their marketing databases and make visitors into customers by marketing to them with the right content. After capturing consumer information, retailers can better remarket to the shopper and provide a true 1:1 journey that nurtures long-term loyalty. 

To learn more about how Cloud.IQ can help you prepare campaigns that stand out this Holiday Season, reach out and test the suggested solutions with a 30-day free trial that is proven to drive sales.  Alternatively, to learn more about Holiday Season preparation download Cloud.IQ's latest eBook below.