As customers we interact with overlays on websites on a daily basis, but do you sometimes find yourself questioning whether the overlay fits the brand? Does it have the right message? Is it displayed at the right time? Does it reflect the business?

Overlays are used to incentivise users to continue down the purchase funnel based on established rules. Every brand is different, and the Trigger Rules for one brand may not work for another. One of the most important aspects of an overlay is that it presents itself as an extension of the brand, and by association, the website. To achieve this, we work hard to understand our client's brand, tone of voice and design cues. Let’s have a look at some we think work particularly well. 


This is an overlay from Saucony, a brand known for their fitness inspired clothing collection. To emulate the feel of the brand, we used a collection of images from their site and developed them into a gif background for the overlay. The constantly changing images create a sense of pace, and when it comes to fitness, it’s all about building pace. It’s sporty, inspiring and motivating. This is amplified by the bold but unobtrusive text overlayed on the image, incorporating the feel of the brand into it.


Here’s an example from a very recognisable telecoms brand, EE. With a focus on the promotional offer and designed according to their brand guidelines, the overlay appeals to customers by presenting itself as an extension of the site. It dials through the message of the incentive and also explicitly informs the user of how their email address will be used, instilling trust and confidence in the brand.

Our final spotlight is on Weight Watchers. Again, translating their brand identity into the overlay, we kept the design simple yet engaging. It shows a selection of healthy and tempting meals that fade into each other to catch the attention of users and promote a healthy appetite for interest. For an additional flavour of engagement, the incentivised offer has been bolded and a different font used to make it stand out and grab the user’s attention.

2018-05-24Now that we’ve had a look at these examples, you can see how campaigns can be adapted for each website, tailoring them for a seamless extension of the brand. When used in the right way, overlays are a powerful tool with the ability to enhance customer engagement and as a result, increase conversions.

If you would like to produce your own overlay campaigns that nurture customers back to your site and help them to convert, please reach out to one of our experts at customersuccess@cloudiq.comwith any questions about our approach to overlays.