Cloud.IQ’s latest dashboard update will accelerate a programme of data visualisation improvements which will build on the insight capabilities and ability to view real-time eCommerce metrics.

Upon login, merchants will notice the cosmetic changes made to the dashboard which provides more clarity over campaigns performance. There will also be changes to the technology Cloud.IQ is using to build the dashboards in the first place.

Speaking about the new dashboard update, Product Manager Richard Wendon said: 

"We took the decision to replace the dashboard technology as our ability to deliver changes to the dashboard at a pace we wanted was not able to be met. Cosmetic changes aside, we can now look to accelerate the delivery of sought after and innovative features. It's a really exciting time for me as a Product Manager as the vision I have for data visualisation on the platform can be met and surpassed." 

These changes will allow you to better reflect on the successes of your remarketing campaigns, how customers navigate your site and move down the purchase funnel, what products are the most popular, what products are the most abandoned, and a better understanding of who your customers are.

Utilising Data Insights to Drive Campaigns

This leveraging of data in digital marketing is now fundamental to gaining insight into how successful the deployment of campaigns have been and is ultimately part of a wider trend across the industry.

Think With Google reports that nearly 7 in 10 leading marketers say their companies use data to support decision-making at all levels underlining the growing importance of its use across all industries.

The utilisation of data in eCommerce is fundamental as feedback can highlight who exactly you are talking to and who you should be targeting in your marketing campaigns. This then allows you to further your analysis and build personas around those who engage, targeting other people similar to your current customer base so that your business can continue to soar.

This feedback also allows you to use past data to predict future outcomes of future campaigns. Identifying what has worked and what possibly hasn’t gives you the ability to better optimise campaigns in light of accurate insights. If a newsletter sign up call to action didn’t work with a specific use of language then analysis of data on dashboards provides you with the knowledge that change may be for the best.

Examples of the trend of leveraging data can be found throughout eCommerce and at some of the most notable names in the industry Capital One, for example, uses their data of spending habits to determine optimal times to present various offers such as a mortgage, auto loans and credit cards with 0% APR offer to different clients and different points in their customer journey. This increases their conversion rate and lowers their spending on those who don’t fall into these personas.

To learn more about the new updates to the Cloud.IQ dashboard, please click below to book a calendar slot with Product Manager Richard Wendon who would be happy to talk to you about it and would love to know what more it can do for you.