The ideas of a consumer making their way to your website, browsing what products you have to offer, adding one or two that have caught their eye to their cart, and then falling down the gap and leaving without buying is all too familiar for online eCommerce stores. 

But why should we pay attention to optimising this area and ensuring that we are exhausting efforts to remind customers about their items they’ve added to their cart and to complete their purchase? Well, firstly a 65% cart abandonment trend leaves a 97.9% gap in conversions so the importance of gaining traction here is key. On a global scale, this abandoned cart gap cost eCommerce stores about 2 to 4 trillion dollars per year, and with the increased uptake in online purchases in 2020, the loss per store could be more significant. 

It is for this reason eCommerce stores that look to optimise this key touch point and  lean on cart reminder emails that alert consumers if they have left a product in their cart without completing their purchase. But in using this functionality there is the question of how do you make it work for you, how do you actively increase the open rate, and how can you gain engagement with the recipient? That is where subject lines come in. 

1. Personal shout-out subject line

One simple way to nurture customers back to the site and tempt them to open your email reminder is by using a subject line that feels like it is there specifically for them. They are successful because they are to the point and immediately resurface what the consumer was originally interested in. 

Wetrooms Online, one of the beneficiaries of Cloud.IQ’s cart reminder functionality developed a campaign which would send reminders at three staggered periods of time. They were able to generate a 28x return on investment from their cart reminder campaigns with Cloud.IQ.
The first of which leveraged the idea of a personal shout out by using the subject line ‘Your Wetrooms Online shopping cart’ which used the ‘your’ factor as an inviting strategy.

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Some eCommerce businesses take this further by personalising the subject line with the consumer’s name if they have access to such details.

For example: 

  • “Here’s what you were checking out Nick”

  • “Your items are waiting for you Nick”

  • “Your cart as you wished Nick”

2. Encourage urgency subject line 

“Hurry, the items in your cart are going fast!” is the sort of subject line that will likely prompt a consumer to open their cart reminder email and act upon the click-through as they become aware of the need to act with urgency given items could be limited, selling fast, or approaching out of stock. 

Further to this, the idea that it is being bought by others is likely to work as a form of social proof and let the consumer know that the product they left in their cart is worth being bought. It is clear why these subject lines work from a psychological point of view. 

For example: 

  • "The timer’s going off on your cart!"

  • "Uh-oh, your basket is expiring"

  • “Act now not to miss out!” 

3. Stoking-curiosity subject lines

Subject lines that don’t overtly let the recipient know what the email is about are a left-of-field strategy that, if done well, can be used to peak interest and encourage the consumer to open as they are not quite sure what they are about to receive. As long as there is a hint towards the email holding value for the consumer, tantalisingly vague subject lines can have potential. 

For example: 

  • "What about these?"

  • "Can you afford to miss out?"

  • "Oh, these? Let us help you get back to where you were!" 

For more information on how to optimise against cart abandonment and achieve similar success to Wetrooms Online using the range of solutions on the Cloud.IQ platform, click here for a free trial or reach out to for tips.

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