We’re building the future of ecommerce.

Ecommerce needs to change. For every product sold, 50% goes unsold or is returned. That’s bad for margins, and it’s bad for the planet. We're giving every ecom marketer access to advanced tools, so they can grow their business efficiently and sustainably.

Close the efficiency gap

Complex tech stacks, out-of-date optimizations, and finger-in-the-air demand forecasts are a now a choice. With AI, you can close the gap.

Stay Competitive

We’re making advanced AI models simple-to-use so growing ecoms can run campaigns as efficiently as the market’s biggest players.

1-1 Relationships

No more irrelevant, out-of-date offers. AI gets to know your customers on a 1-1 basis, so can send them the right message right away.

We've been working on ecom's big efficiency problem for a decade

More than 10 years working towards making ecommerce less wasteful means we’re closer than any other tech platform to solving this problem for the mid-market.

Since spotting the potential of Reinforcement Learning, we built a team to help merchants make better decisions with AI. Today we're still the only team building an RL-powered marketing platform for ecommerce.

We’re proud of what we’ve built: a cutting edge technology and a strong engineering culture to scale it to every ecommerce business.

Cloud.IQ in numbers

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Our Reviews

We've been using Cloud.IQ for a few months and have seen a good uplift in sales. Their client dashboard is easy-to-understand and makes it simple to set up campaigns

Ecommerce Manager, The Golf Shop Online

The software is very effective at converting sales that would have not converted otherwise. And hold-out tests have proven increases to AOV and revenue.

Marketing Manager, Artificial Grass Direct

The campaigns run so well we only login to pull our monthly reports. As a quick setup as easy management solution, I highly recommend Cloud.IQ.

Head of Business Development, Macfinder

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